Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our 1st offical Therapy Dog International visit today....March 30, 2017

What a blessing today was as Sugar and Pree, both certified Therapy Dog International dogs, did their 1st official TDI visit with Father Simon in Baltimore, MD. It was a sheer joy, watching Father Simon talk to my dogs (one at a time) and visit with them.

What surprised me the most was that Pree, my not yet 2-year old black Lab, 'talked' to Father Simon in her own unique teeth chattering sound. This is her sound, unique to her, and she only uses it with people she REALLY likes. To my knowledge, Father Simon is only one of 5 people (including myself and my husband) that Pree makes her sound with so that surprised me a great deal today.

Father Simon WAS THRILLED with the visit and we hope to visit him again in a couple of weeks.

Jumping - sheer joy for these dogs!


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jan 21, 2017

From left to right,  Sugar, my 7-year old Lab, Pree, my
20-month old Lab, Phoebe, my student's 24-month old Great Pyrenees, Harley, my students 8 month-old Lab, Angel, my students 7 month-old Lab and on the right is Judah, my students 13-week old German Shepherd puppy.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to Dog Obedience 1st

This is a blog showing highlights from my students/their dogs as well as myself/my dogs. It is a journey, shared in pictures, slideshows, videos and stories.

Enjoy viewing.